Petro Mir Board of Directors

President: Michael M. Mirilashvili. Founder and principal owner of all entities. Mr. Mirilashvily, a visionary and an established entrepreneur, has lead the group to become one of the fastest growing and diversified international enterprises in Russia.

Vice-President: Andrey N. Demenko. Mr. Demenko, co-founder, has been at the helm of the Group’s development from the start. His strategic insight and dedication was key to the Group’s ongoing success.

Vice-President, Legal Affairs: Sergey V. Medvedev. In charge of all legal issues from the moment of its creation, Mr. Medvedev’s invaluable knowledge of the legal system has added great value to the group on its road to success.

General Director: Ruslan A. Linkov. Mr. Linkov directs the work of the Group of companies Petro Mir.

Chairman: Maxim P. Bakshinsky. With vast experience in corporate management and construction industry Mr. Bakshinsky is responsible for strategic development and corporate management of the Group.

Finance Director: Alan V. Khrapunov. Alan is in charge of financial aspects of the Group’s activities.